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United Arab Emirates: LED robots Dubai and Transformer robots Dubai

We have a first class selection of robots available for events in The United Arab Emirates including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We have a world class selection of robots to choose from including Pyrobot (our 10ft LED pyrotechnic robot) and our Transformers (Bumblebee and Optimus Prime)

Our Transformer Robots stand around 9ft/10ft tall. Optimus and Bumblebee are instantly recognisable to both children and adults and highly entertaining, they are the perfect choice for walkabout entertainment.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebe are everyone's favourite autobots making them the ideal option when booking family friendly entertainment.

Pyrobot is our 10ft LED pyrotechnic robot, he is ideal for night time events.

Pyrobot is the ultimate in cutting edge visual entertainment. Glowing with literally hundreds of LEDs that can be programmed to change with the music or synched to your chosen colour scheme.

Pyrobot can be fitted with pyrotechnic cannons and CO2 blasters for the ultimate visual spectactle. If your venue is not suitable for pyrotechnics then these can be left out and we will add extra lasers for added oomph!

Perfect for either stage shows accompanied by our fantastic LED dancers or as a walkabout act, Pyrobot is guaranteed to give your guests a night to remember and photos to show off forever!

Get in touch now to book our robots for your next event in Dubai.


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